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Tu B'Shvat campaign: see far - see transparent


In honor of Tu B'Shvat, starting January 17 and the beginning of the civil year 2022, the Achievement Fund, in collaboration with Asif - Agricultural Culture, is launching a campaign to support Israeli agriculture and small businesses.  

Our campaign ambassadors are individual soldiers achievement fund scholarships after service, who receive support and a scholarship from the Academic Studies Foundation.

A person like a tree planted on water - a root seeks


After two years in the corona plague, and the fact that this year is a shemita year, in which it is not possible to plant and plant, the distress in Israeli agriculture

And in the small creative businesses, gives its signals

  Help us support Israeli agriculture, by purchasing olive pots, tubers  Or agricultural enclosures

Each purchase of a flower pot, in addition to supporting farmers, embodies an additional donation of NIS 5 to the benefit of the "Right Spirit" association to support the units.

Volunteers for rescue in the country, and for the promotion of ecological greenhouses

Power comes to give - to face tomorrow

You can purchase olive pots and tubers (rain bells, daffodils, crocus, wicker milk hawk) as a gift for you, your family, friends or give them as a donation to those who may need more at the moment - hope and a little blossom in the eyes


A fire burned in me I went out to ask, days I stormed silver  

Businesses in Israel and abroad have already joined us in a support campaign

We also invite you to join us in the campaign, and purchase flower pots for the holiday - together we will continue to support local art and agriculture
  For concentrated orders or for more details, you can send us a message via the website or by mobile message 052-8354080  


I returned to my house, to find what was with me - until the road came to an end

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